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History of Medica Company Limited


Medica Company limited was established in 2009 to operate as a distributor of medical disposables and medical devices. We import and distribute medical equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers from 7 countries including  United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and Taiwan. We also distribute OEM Thailand products.

Medical Company Limited provides modern medical disposables and medical devices.

Our product range includes  

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The company provides the modern medical equipment and medical
devices divided into product groups as follows

  • Surgical gloves

  • Suction bag

  • Surgical gown

  • Connecting tube

  • Medical Polyware (Medical plastics)

  • Vacuum pump

  • Surgical Operating table

  • Surgical light

  • Vacuum regulator

  • Maintenance services


Medica Policy

Honest and reliable way of operation.
On time and quick response.
Consulting and free sample testing to ensure customers will get the right product.

Excellent pre-sales and after sales service.

Continuous training of customers how to use the medical equipment right, safe and most efficient way.

Maintenance and repair services of the medical equipment with maximum efficiency and safety.

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“With experience and expertise the company has selected medical disposables and devices that meet the standards set by FDA and ISO 13485, thus offering high quality and safe to use

 products for both public customers and private individuals”

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